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 A  Review from Prana Magazine, NL:

"Away From Hannah's Castle... a thrilling story...

A book that lets you experience a subtle and special way of seeing things,

which makes it one of the best examples of a modern spiritual novel."


                                          ---the Worth Reading column, Feb-Mar 2008



"A Novel of Transformation," Amazon, August 20, 2006
Reviewer: Sierra S. Polsinelli  
Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Have you ever walked out on the grass in the spring and actually heard it grow? Have you sat on a sunny hillock and felt the power pulsing beneath you? Would you like to??? This novel takes the reader on an adventure with the Earth, her spirit, her joys and her sorrows. The reader begins to believe that a connection with the Earth is not only possible, but essential if we are to evolve in a positive direction together. Modern cultures have ignored our connection to the planet we live on to their own great disadvantage. People feel disconnected, life often seems pointless. A strong connection with Earth can pump new vitality into our impersonal modern culture; native cultures have always known this truth, it is time we all rediscover it.

This novel is well written, interesting and thought provoking. After finishing it you will want to re-read it immediately! The characters are realistic and one can easily identify with them. Take this journey with Hannah Hops Along through the excellent story telling ability of Ike West and be transformed.

"A perfect book to curl up with"

Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (12/2006)

Author Eileen "Ike" West wrote "Hannah's Castle" "To help current generations appreciate the wisdom treasured by the ancestors - that humans are here to share earth's consciousness." In writing this story, she hopes that it will teach others to nurture and protect the earth. This tale is about "the sacred covenant between a woman and her planet."

Sixty-year-old widow, Hannah Hops Along, lives on the edge of the Dakota badlands... She lives in a cabin that sits below an impressive rock formation. Her neighbors refer to her home as "Hannah's Castle." She is very reclusive, but does have a close relationship with a woman named Betsy. Betsy is half Rom (gypsy). She taught Hannah how to scry into the past and the future. Hannah also has a gift of being able to see beings that no one else can. This gift gives Hannah a special connection to nature. She travels through the universe, into the past and future with "Earta." When Earta comes to get Hannah to take her on their journeys, Hannah always loses consciousness and has no control. As a result of this, Hannah is a recluse.

During an emergency health crisis, Hannah is rescued by trucker J.B. Iverson. He is intrigued with her and makes an effort to get to know her better. Hannah is afraid because she misses her husband and she never knows when Earta is going to visit. Suddenly her connection with Earta is ended. Hannah feels unprotected and at a loss. She finds out that there is more to J.B. than she first realized. He teaches her how to reconnect and bring balance into her life. It is time for her to break away from her self-imposed seclusion and romance blooms for Hannah. This is a beautiful story that will touch your soul. Hannah's special connection to nature and the universe will make you yearn for a piece of it. "Away from Hannah's Castle" is the perfect book to curl up with and enjoy. It would also be a great find for a readers group for women.

Author's Note: 'Hannah's Castle' is not the name of the main character's home, but rather refers to a land formation in the Badlands nearby.

"Castles in the Sky - The Earth Grows Up"

Reviewed by Michael Abedin for Austin All Natural Magazine (5/2007)

The best way to teach people something is to entertain them, and…the best way to do that is with a good story…The best stories are the ones that start with the truth and stretch it, mold it, craft it, and otherwise make it into something even better than what it was when you started.

In Hannah’s Castle...the Earth [is an] adolescent, following her own mind, running away from home and generally doing the things that teen-agers do. (Sometimes worlds just wanna have fun.) She takes Hannah along for the ride…Hannah’s had a soul bond with the planet since she was a little girl and called it Earta. Earta and Hannah soar through time and space, darting in and out of the lives of other people - and other planets. “I’ve found that people who meditate or are creative artists have no problems flowing with the narrative adventure,” Ike points out, “but other people may discover parts of the book are rather challenging, because they must slow down a bit while their level of awareness changes.”

Awareness grows when you dive into the parts of your being that are ready to grow, however, even when they are challenging – and Hannah, Earta, and the other characters that make up the weave of the story do their share of both diving and growing. In the process, Ike gives you a glimpse of a way of looking at the world that has been civilized out of a lot of us…“Everything in nature, including the earth herself, has consciousness. That’s not to say the rocks, trees, or clouds perceive the same way humans do. But most definitely all around us are sensitive beings worthy of respect.”

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