Away From Hannah's Castle

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You will love Eileen ‘ike’ West’s

Away From Hannah’s Castle

Capturing vistas of consciousness rarely touched, West’s novel propels the reader into a far-flung adventure on tomorrow’s Aquarian Frontier.

In West’s novel Away From Hannah’s Castle, Hannah Hops Along struggles with her life as a reclusive widow living on the edge of the Badlands. A harrowing snake attack throws Hannah headlong into the arms of an untimely suitor named JB Iverson. Hannah’s life-threatening ordeal also strengthens the psychic bond she shares with the planet Earth, portrayed as a girl on the verge of becoming a woman.

“It’s vitally important that more of us share a bond with the Earth that is like Hannah’s, the main character in the novel,” says West. “Most of the world's people have a spiritual system that is earth-based. As a result, they have a spiritual relationship to everything around them, a reverence for all life on earth. To them, everything in nature including the earth herself has consciousness. That’s not to say the rocks, trees or clouds perceive the same way humans do. But most definitely all around us are sensitive beings worthy of respect.”

“Our estrangement from the planet allows us to be disrespectful and abusive toward the natural world,” West goes on. “The leaders of the environmental movement may have a scientific understanding of how our actions affect the planet, but it’s only through a connection to the Earth on a deep, spiritual level that people will become truly motivated to care for the environment. It is this innately germane relationship between humans and the earth that gets concisely laid out in Away From Hannah’s Castle.

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June 2006
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Eileen "Ike" West


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